Monday, January 28, 2008

Report from School


Helen has been a joy to have in my class. She is a very kind and sweet girl with empathy towards her friends. She is eager to take part in class activities, discussions and some answers.


Helen shows interest in learning new concepts. She understands one-to-one correspondence, uses numbers and counting. She tries to apply new information and vocabulary to an activity or interactions.


Helen’s gross motor skills are age appropriate. She enjoys running, climbing and hopping. She has developed a strong pencil grip. She displays competently in all small motor skills of development.


Helen has very focused listening skills. She has been trying to use full sentences in English (3-4 words) to express her want and need. She enjoys story time, puppet time, music and large group carpet activities.

Next steps at school and at home:

I will continue to guide Helen in spelling her name. Plus, I will guide her in developing the scissor skills. For example, cutting with scissor along a straight line or slightly curved line.

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maya said...

so cow!
zan xiangxiang!